Download Latest Hotstar Mod Apk – 2020

Download Latest Hotstar Mod Apk – 2020

What is hotstar mod apk

The hotstar app is a perfect online video streaming app. You can watch more than 1000 TV shows and movies on this Hotstar Premium Mod apk. It comes from a select few online streaming apps on the Play Store, which were the most downloaded on the Google Play Store. There are 400+ million of this hotstar app. You have been able to watch TV shows and movies in more than 17 additional languages ​​on this Hotstar app. The Hotstar app was first seen on the Google Play Store in 2015.

Let me tell you now that Hotstar App is India’s most significant premium online streaming platform. You can use Hotstar’s app or both websites.

You can watch TV shows in the language. They are something like this.

  • Hindi movies
  • Bengali movies
  • Kannada movies
  • Malayalam movies
  • Marathi movies
  • Tamil movies
  • Telugu movies
  • Punjabi movies
  • And Many more

Hotstar Apk or hotstar Premium mod App contains a lot of TV shows and movies from different channels like.

  1. Star Utsav
  2. Asia net
  3. Star Vijay
  4. Star maa
  5. Net Geo
  6. Star pravan
  7. Star world
  8. Star plus
  9. Star sport
  10. Star Bharat
  11. and many more

What is Hotstar Mod Apk

Hotstar Premium Mod App is a Mooded app created by modifying the original app of the Hotstar App. With the help of some developers, this app has been changed in such a way that you can get the premium features of this app absolutely free and very quickly. Can use

Features of Hotstar Premium Mod App

  • Unlocked Spotify
  • Unlimited Seeking
  • Download music for free.
  • Audio ads blocked
  • You can play any song, any time
  • Unlimited shuffle
  • Extreme audio unlocked (320kbps)
  • Repeats enabled
  • ByPass DRM
  • Listening free on mobile
  • You can play any artist, album, or playlist on shuffle mode
  • Looking for free on tablet
  • Video Ads Blocked
  • Seek FWD button added to information bar/tablet mod
  • Enjoy amazing sound quality.

How to download and install Hotstar mod App Step by step on your smartphone.

1- Download  Hotstar Premium Mod App

2- Uninstall and delete all data previously installed App

3- Download the APK file from the given link.

4- Enable Unknown sources to give Permission to the phone to install external APK files.

5- To Enable Unknown Sources Go to Settings >> Security >> Enable Unknown Sources.

6- Select the APK and click on Install and wait for few seconds.

Now, Enjoy the hotstar App.

Difference between hotstar original and hotstar Mod App

So now, it is crucial to know what is the difference between Hotstar’s official APK and Hotstar’s mod App.

You can download Hotstar Official App from Google Play Store, in contrast, you can download Hotstar Premium Mod App from Google Play Store

To use the Premium Features of Hotstar official app, you will have to pay some money, but on the contrary, you can use all the premium features for free in Hotstar Premium Mod App.

Why Hotstar Mod Apk

Because Hotstar Premium Mod App is an excellent online video streaming platform, Snap will also get you to watch quality content that you might not get to see on any other online video streaming platform. At the same time, it is quite simple as well as cheap to use in terms of price.

How many devices support Hotstar Premium Mod Apk.

This is a list of some supported devices in which you can use the Hotstar mod App.

Is Hotstar Mod Apk ad-free

Yes, it is entirely ad-free, you will not get to see any ads in this Hotstar Mod app.

Is Hotstar Mod App virus-free

Yes, Hotstar Premium Mod App is 100% virus-free and secure. You can use this app to be sure.

Advantage of Original Hotstar App.

  • You can easily update Hotstar app with the help of Google Play Store
  • You will not have to face any problems with this app, such as your app crashing or any other issue.

The DisAdvantage of Original Hotstar App.

  • The first test advantages are that you will have to spend some money to use the premium feature of this app.

Advantage of Hotstar Premium Mod App

  • You can use this hotstar app premium features for free, that is, you will not have to pay any charge of any kind.

The DisAdvantage of Hotstar Premium Mod Apk

You will not be able to update your hotstar directly from google play store

Your Hotstar Premium Mod App likely crashes, or you will see a bug in this Hotstar Premium Mod Apk.

Any permission required to install Hotstar Premium Mod Apk?

For Android smartphone, you have to enable Unknown Sources

For this follow below steps:

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Security
  • Click on Unknown Source

Two way to install Hotstar App on Android smart TV

Step 1 – You can install the official APK of Hotstar app from Google Play Store in your Android Smart TV. And you can use it very quickly, and nowadays you get a pre-installed Hotstar app in most smart TVs.

Step 2 – First of all, download & install ES File Explorer from Google Play Store.

  • Launch ES File Explorer and go to Download Manager.
  • Now visit the bottom menu and click on “New Button.”
  • Now enter this URL
  • After that, download the APK file of Hotstar Premium and install it. 

Final word – 

 Hotstar Premium App, I would like to say that if you do not want to invest any money to buy a premium pack of this app, then you must download and use this app but if you use this app If you are able to purchase premium features, then you must buy the premium pack of this app, I hope you have liked this blog ultimately, thanks for reading this blog entirely.


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