Pubg mobile mod APK (Unlimited UC, Anti Ban, No- recoil & Aimbot 2020

Pubg mobile mod Apk –  in this 20th century, there is some change happening in every sector, be it technology, education or entertainment sector, but whenever there is a change in the technology sector, it is almost the whole world. Population affects about 90% of people or more.

By the way, a lot of things will come in technology, but today we are talking about mobile and mobile games because almost everyone uses a smartphone and the change that has taken place in this field is hardly any field where so fast There are so many changes

So everyone will know that in recent years, there has been a huge evolution in online games, especially for mobile phones, nowadays you will get to see and play more than one online game like pubg mobile, free fire, call off Duty (COD) or Fortune Night Game All these games are games that have brought a different aviation in mobile gaming. Today we are going to tell you about one of the game’s game modes APK.

What is Pubg?

Pubg Game full name Pubg  Unknown Battleground. This game was first launched in August 2018 when it was first launched on the Google Play Store, at that time its full size was 800 MB and now the reason for this game is updated frequently. With this, the size of this game has increased to 2.5 GB. The size of this game is increasing with every update of this game. It is an online game. In this game you also get the option of single and multiplayer, that is, you can play this game alone or with your friend or any other person. Can also play

When you play this game, 99 people join you and join this game, who are your relatives, who you have to kill in this game and serve till the last.

You will get to see some weapons, carts and more in this game, with the help of which you have to win this game. When you win this game, you get a chicken dinner, that is, you get the first prize away. This game has a rating of 4.3, 5 messages on the Google App Store and has more than 1 billion downloads of this game. This game is the most downloaded and most downloaded in 2019. Is a game played?

What is Pubg Mod Apk?

Pubg Mod Apk is the only modified apk of pubg game that has been modified with the help of the developers. S PUBGY GAME MODIFIED in such a way that you do not get unlimited UC in this bird’s key nor do you have any mess. You will get to see many such features in this pub mod apk and the best thing is that this mode apk is that even if you use this diversion apk, your pubg id will not be banned.

What is UC?

Uc is a digital currency created by the creator of this game, which you can use to buy the game’s screen backpack scheme and outfits of this game with the help of which UC or currency is valid only for this game. Nothing else can be purchased from this UC outside of the game.

Pubg mobile mod APK features

Now let us know what features we get in this Pubg Mode APK.

No Recoil – Whenever I play pub live mobile games on my own, my throat is so high that it becomes very difficult to kill anime and it is not all that easy to control the record easily. In Apk you get r equal so that you can easily kill the Enemy.

Anti-Ban – It happens to many people that they play Pubg mobile game using pubg mobile hand, due to which their id gets panned because hacking is against the policy of public game but we have given you pubg The game’s mode is provided APK, if you play PUBG using this APK, your PUBG ID will not be banned. You can play the game with the real ID of your publisher using this mode apk, also without banning.

No Time limit – As you, all would know that Pabji has become so popular that some people started playing the game for 12 to 15 hours due to which a lot of incidents started happening which caused the bird in his team Set a time limit which is 6 hours. You cannot play this more mobile game, but if you play using this Pubby mode apk, you can play the game for 24 hours.

Unlimited UC – Publish game 2018 is the best game of 19 and this game king populating has also increased a lot, you will get 10 messages shadow 7 kids playing pubg games and in view of this popularity no pubg company has any new- Started selling new outfits that you can buy with the help of PUBG UC but not everyone is an Ambani who can buy such expensive outfits so if you want you can buy all these outfits If you can buy in free, you can use all these new outfits for free by using this Mod Apk.

Pubg mobile mod APK features

You will get the same number of features in this one, Pabji Mend Apk and if you want to use more features then you can use the second Pbji Mod apk but let me tell you in advance that if you use it more hacks If you use, then your chances of getting pubg id are increased but if you use mod APK with first

How to download pubg mod APK?

This is slightly different from what you download pubg from google play store because whenever you download pubg from google play store, you have to download only one file but you have to download two files from the first file here. APK files and other file is OBB file. You have to download both these files.

How to install pubg Mod Apk

First of all, let me tell you that if you want to install Publish Mode, then you will have to uninstall your previous pubg, only then you will be able to install Publish Mod APK.

So let’s now know how to do this mod.apk year, that too step by step

First of all, install the APK that you have downloaded.
When the app is installed, open it, then do whatever God asked for, except do it. After doing all this, you will have something here, store you have to close the PUBG game and carefully remove it from the background as well. Then you have to go to your file manager, then copy/cut the BB file where you have downloaded it, then paste that still file into the Android> Obb> Tencent folder of your smartphone’s internal storage. Then you have to play your content game, now your content game will start, you have to follow all these steps carefully or else your content game can sleep.

Can pubg be played alone

Yes, of course, you can also play PUBG game alone and also with your friend or any unique player, you get both single and multiple player options in this game.

Can pubg mobile be hacked

Yes, it is possible that PUBG can be hacked. Nowadays, four or five people out of 100 will be found who hack and play PUBG games.

Can you play pubg offline

No, it is not possible at all that you can play the game offline, in the future, you may be given a mode in the content which you can play offline, but you cannot play this game offline yet.

2nd pubg Mod APK

You must have grown up now that if you install the first pubg Apk, then you get a limited amount of features, but you will get to see more features in this pubg Apk, you will also get Mod Apk with 1 st Like Apk, you can download and install these two files, there is only one way to download and also to stall.

So let us know what features you get in this one arrived mod apk.

  • No recoil
  • Wallhack
  • Speed ​​hack
  • Magic bullet
  • Anti-ban
  • High jump
  • Unlimited outfit
  • No time limit

As we told you in the 1 st Pubg turn Apk that you get only a few select features. Some of which are like Anti band, No time limit, No-recoil and Unlimited UC.

But give you some more features in this Pubg mobile mod Apk, it is something like this. Wallhack, speed hack, magic bullet, unlimited outfits.

Wall Hack – You can also kill yourself through the wall.

Speed ​​hack – This means that you can run 10 times faster than your normal running speed.

Magic Bullet – This means that if you die a shot anywhere on your appointee, he will be treated as a Headshot.

Unlimited outfit – This means that you get a lot of dress outfits for gun skin, free of cost and much more.

Final world-

First of all, thank you for reading this post completely, I would like to tell you that if you also want to use mod apk, then you should first install pubg Mod Apk because your pubg id is banned in it There is no worry, other than that you install what you want, it depends on you.


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